Thursday, February 16, 2006

I have arrived! Well, two weeks ago I arrived. So far I have been getting settled into a routine and trying to plan ahead as to how to use my time. A week ago it snowed. Today we have rain but at least the temperature is warmer. Still, my apartment is a challenge to heat.

There's no central heat--only an electric radiator style heater in the living room. I have slept in the living room which has been just fine. The sofa is comfortable and the room is large enough to be a substantial apartment.

The people here are very nice and accomodating. Tomorrow, I will visit the Montenegro Media Institute, a media training and development center.

I have a mobile phone with a Montenegrin provider! I feel like part of the community. People in the U.S. use their cells phones regularly but it is nothing like the use and social interaction I see here. I am not yet up-to-speed on SMS but will have to learn.

This rather bland and unremarkable entry is my first attempt at blogging. I will try to do better with my next comments.